5 New Amazing Features whatsapp might Launch in 2021 See Full List

As you guys  know that Whatsapp launches new updates for the better experience of users.

Recently, Whatsapp launched new features like payment, shopping, disappearing messages, and so on.

In this post, I will share 5 amazing features that Whatsapp may launch in the future.

whatsapp features

    1.Mute Videos Before Sending

As we know this feature is very useful we can mute the audio of the video before sending it so that we can remove unwanted audio. We know that this feature is available on Facebook as well as Instagram.

    2. Read Later

Whatsapp is working on this feature. I think the Archive chat feature is replaced by this feature or we can say that this is the new version of archive chat. The company is testing this feature in some places, we can assume this feature will come in May or June next year.

    3. Report To Whatsapp

We can report contact who sends unwanted or sensitive or fake news. This is the best feature to stop the spread of fake news.

    4. Advanced Wallpaper

In the Advanced wallpaper feature, we can set the wallpaper for a specific contact. The company is testing this feature, if it succeeds we can see this feature in recent months.

    5. Multi-Device Support

Nowadays we can access Whatsapp from one device only. That means if we are login into one device with one mobile number we can't use Whatsapp on that mobile number on a different device at a time.

In this feature, if we change the setting in one device then it will apply to all four devices for example if we delete chat in one device chat will delete from all four devices.

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