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PM announces 21-Day Lockdown : Narendra Modi speech highlights in 12 points

PM announces 21-day lockdown : Narendra Modi speech highlights in 12 points

PM Narendra Modi is addressing the nation second time, Here are highlights of his Speech:

  • Social distancing only way to stop corona virus, please remain within your homes
  • Entire country to be under lockdown from midnight tonight
  • Total ban on moving out of homes from midnight,to be enforced more stringently than janta curfew
  • 21-day lockdown to be enforced in entire country
  • 21 days of lockdown very necessary to break the chain of coronavirus
  • There is an invisible 'Lakshmanrekha' at everybody's door
  • Coronavirus affected the first 100,000 people in 67 days, but the next 100000 in just 11 days
  • The next 100,000 were infected in just 4 days.
  • Italy, US with better healthcare infrastructure have struggled to cope with the outbreak
  • These countries were able to stem the spread with strict lockdown
  • Centre has allocated Rs 15,000 cr for coronavirus battle
  •  I am confident that Indian will emerge victorious in this battle


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