Google Easter egg allows users to play Holi, the festival of colors with their search results.

Google Easter egg  allows users to play Holi, the festival of colors with their search results.

Google is known to get creative with users  on different  occasions

Here How You Can Do This:

Step 1. 
First you need to go to the Google homepage or the Google Search application. 

Step 2.
 Type in search  ‘Holi’ and hit search.

Step 3. 
You should see colored powder bowls on the screen.

Step 4.
Click on these bowls to select the splashing mode.

Step 5.
 Now where ever you click, you will splash a random color. 

Step 6.  
Tap on the water-drop icon that appears on the top.

Step 7.
This will ‘wash’  the screen of all colors, bringing you back to your search results.

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